Cash Loan

Understand Your Loan Requirment

  • Why you need a loan – When you need to invest or utilize your cash for a Short Term Requirement. It may be an immediate medical emergencies where you can not afford waiting a long time for the loan process from other banking institutions. It can be investment purpose in a case like you have applied for a loan from bank and it may take time for approval but you have a good deal in hand so you need an immediate cash¬† and we are here for you as the best option. That means it can be taken as Intensive Financial Care Unit when you need immediate cash for recovery and then settle it by shifting to normal loans with lower interest rates.
  • Understand your Needs – Before going for any such loan from private financier, you must justify your needs and go for it only for your urgent needs and not for any of your personal needs for which repayments can be difficult for you.
  • Repayment Profile – We evaluate the loan application on basis of their repayment capability and not the assets he is owner of or what is he looking for. So you also need to justify this criteria before applying for any loan with us as any unjustified requirements may lead to legal actions which we obviously avoid to happen. For a good loan repayment profile you may not go for any installment which is more than 40% of the hard cash in your hand per month.
  • Best Tenure – The safest tenure is 4-6 months for such short terms loan where you can get benefits put of this finance. Anything more than 6 months will lead you in a position of your capital amount eaten up.

Short and Long Term Cash Loans

We all work hard for earning money, no doubts, but still we are always looking for short term loans for fulfilling our immediate needs. Though so many banks and other Financial Institutions are there to serve your needs but sometimes you may not be interested for that kind of documentation or formalities required by Banks for your short term cash loans then you have to find some trusted and transparent Finance sources.

It is a little difficult to find a local Financier Company, other than Banks and NBFS, who is trustworthy and operates under strict Govt. norms with all transparent method of transaction and recovery. For both kind of loans – Secured Loans or Unsecured loans, there are certain norms for legal transactions which we follow religiously and that is the most important factor for dealing with us.

We Provide cash Loans for all three following categories –

  • Personal Loan – For immediate requirement of smaller amounts for short term / long term for any person with minimum processing formalities. Nature of Personal Cash Loan¬† can be secured or unsecured depending upon the credentials of the borrower. For more details you can contact us any time through web form or phone numbers.


  • Business Loan – This kind of loan is provided to business persons having their own establishments. Secured or unsecured nature of Business Loan will depend upon the cash requirement and repayment structure. Flat interest rate structure, flexible and there is no penalties for early repayments. Once terms are established, refinancing will be much easier and least time required for loan processing.


  • Corporate Loans – We have provisions for very safe and fast Corporate Loans for big Corporate Houses and we can give the maximum loan as per our limits within no time. We have a few Corporate Clients in our portfolio and can be given reference if required.